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The Last Piece Of Furniture Bought: Day #14

Five days since our last blog post and what a peaceful time it has been. Fridays through Sundays are not usually posting days for us and yesterday, Monday, October 13 was Thanksgiving Day here in Canada.

Over this period, we continued to pose and answer the October Questions of the Day on our Facebook page.

Today, Day #14 and the next question in the series which really is not a question is to describe the last piece of furniture you bought. Given that on a Tuesday we also deal with relationship issues on DOS, an actual question was added.

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What I will, therefore, attempt to do in this post is: "Describe the last piece of furniture that I bought and how it affects my significant relationships."

Regular readers will know that I returned to Canada almost six months to the day. Leaving Jamaica was not my first choice as I had gone there late 2013 to set up a snow bird base. That bird being me - the one who was getting tired of Canadian winters and following up a long held desire to return to the land of my birth.

I had reluctantly migrated to Canada a decade plus ago. My then partner had an unquenchable desire to live overseas and mine was equally to please said desire. When that relationship ended eight years ago to the day, I knew I wanted to return to Jamaica. Money, however, stopped me.

Without the necessary financial resources and foreseeable means to earn it on the island, I had to remain in Canada. As the years passed, my longing did not die and so, in 2013 still without a largesse in hand but with a promise of a good flow of income, I gave away what little furniture I had left and went home.

After five months and the promises not materializing, news of my daughter's pregnancy and with her reconnecting with me, I returned to my other 'home' - Edmonton.

Now, I can honestly say this was the best decision for this leg of my journey. As I sat on the Westjet flight taking me back to the city where our Canadian citizenship began, I knew this was a healing time.

People often ask me, especially men, what do I like to do in my spare time. My response always highlights my love of cooking. Yet, it is more than cooking.

My passion is to feed the soul - my own and that of others.

Comfort is what I specialise in - comfort food and comforting words. I love to cook as much as I love to communicate. Throughout my adult years and most definitely since I accepted what I believe to be my mission for the rest of my life, some of the most meaning-filled conversations occurred in my kitchen.

The last and most significant piece of furniture that I bought was a dark wood, four seat dining table. It has a chip on one corner that lends character to it.

My daughter and granddaughter at breakfast
When I moved into my new place a few months ago, I told my daughter,  the first and one of the most significant persons in my life, to be fed at my 'new' dining table that I will be not be furnishing the place lavishly but lovingly.

Lavish or close to it I have done before and it did not bring me love. This time around, my place is furnished with few pieces, most of which were either given to me or bought secondhand, like the dining table.

There are a few new pieces, appliances and odds and ends. For the most part, however, my place will be sparsely furnished and with the greatest emphasis on the kitchen.

Food for the body and soul is my 'business' and my last purchased piece of furniture - my dining table - is my main equipment.

What was yours? Share with us here or on our Facebook page. Whatever it was, do make the most of it.


Claudette is the Founder of DOS Foundation and Editor and main Author of this blog

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