Thursday, 6 November 2014

Read The Signs For Crying Out Loud!

I believe I have mentioned this before in a previous article that soon after arriving in Canada, Edmonton to be exact, a man said to us as we wandered lost in the subway station, “Learn fast, read the signs!”

Not sure why that has stuck with me but he was absolutely right.

My intuition is very powerful. It was tuned while I studied for my first Master’s degree – literally and figuratively. Being prepared as I was for the diplomatic service, reading the signs – political, socio-economic and historical, as well as the undercurrents was a central part of my training.

These skills were very useful to me in my professional life. As a public relations executive and communicator, it was crucial to have an understanding of the signs of the time for my clients and or products that I was responsible for promoting.

Early in 2000’s as my course changed, my spiritual antenna started to raise and over time whenever I entered a room, two things happen:
  1. I could sense the vibes of those I immediately come in contact with; or
  2. I needed to leave as the energy was too much for me to handle.

Now it is the rare occasion that I will go to crowded events – just cannot hack it. A cinema is the closest thing to a crowd event that I can attend, simply because my focus is on the screen and the only person I speak with or come close to is my companion.

With practice and long periods of solitude, my ability to read the signs – verbal, written, energetic and body language – has been fine-tuned.

Yes, I get it wrong sometimes and that is usually when I ignore the real signals and allow my personal desire to rule. For example, in my last relationship there were signs that the nature of our connection was changing and not for the good. Things were being said that I refused to hear and not just by my partner but what observers were trying to tell me, in code but I did not want to know. Then finally, when the call came ending our relationship I received the ‘news’ calmly and with a shrug because my gut was telling me long before the words were recorded on my voice-mail.

Signs are everywhere for each of us to see. You need not be a clairvoyant, you need no special skills.

All that is required is a willingness to surrender your mind to the will of Love. Sounds strange? It is not. Love is the force of Life and therefore will clarify everything. What is not of Love will be shown to you – a sign will be presented, a warning or a brick over your head as a last resort.

“Learn fast, read the signs.”

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