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When Purpose Meets Destiny: Are You Ready?

Guest Author - Clara Brown
"Unless you assume a God, the question of life’s purpose is meaningless “– Bertrand Russell

Over 40 years ago, my now deceased brother was viciously attacked in the line of duty as a police Officer.  

At the time of the attack, he was only 23 years old, newly wed, a young and upcoming star in the Jamaica Constabulary Force (JCF) and one of the most proficient marksmen.  

Was it destiny then that the attack resulted in him loosing both upper limbs? His highly regarded talent as a marksman was suddenly altered or, shall I say, brought to an abrupt end. 

Was it Destiny or a redefinition of his purpose?

I can vividly recall a day when one of his colleagues came to visit him, Ivan, at the hospital.  Preparing to leave, the colleague's parting shot was, “IC (as he was called by most), this is your destiny. Every ‘dog’ have his day."

Shortly after, we got news that the same colleague was hit from his service motor cycle as he left the hospital. He died the same night. – Did he meet with his destiny or was his purpose served?

What happens when purpose and destiny meet?

My brother Ivan recovered sufficiently from his injuries and with the help of prosthetic limbs, went on to live for thirty-three more years. The ‘rest of life’ for him was one of sterling living...purpose-filled, touching many lives in the 72 countries he visited giving his testimony. He preached hundreds of sermons, walked with Kings and Princes and received numerous “Key to the City”- all while maintaining his humility.
“The purpose of your life is far greater than your own personal fulfilment, your peace of mind, or even your happiness.  It’s far greater than your family, your career, or even your wildest dreams and ambitions” – Rick Warren- A Purpose Driven Life
I had two children, both boys. My second son was born two and a half years after my first born - Jared. My desire and plan was always to have not more than two children.  After getting pregnant with Justin, I discussed with my lovable OBGYN my decision to do the procedure to prevent further pregnancies.  

Justin was born via C-section on June 4, 2005 at 8:00 a.m. I woke up shortly after surgery and the mid-wife placed the beautiful six-pounder in my waiting arms. I checked and noticed that he looked exactly as Jared did when he was born. 

Twenty four hours later, we were landed a four-squared blow to our joy-filled guts. 

Justin had a malformed heart chamber. 

What? Cannot be! I had a next–to-perfect nine months of pregnancy, took my vitamins, made all my doctor’s appointments without even an hour off target, ate properly, maintained a spirit-filled-with-pleasant vibes attitude and prayed for a healthy pregnancy! I did everything right!

So, what was at play here? Destiny or purpose?   

Details aside, suffice it to say we pulled every stop, put the machinery in place to 'fix' Justin’s problems. Yet, after three weeks in the Children’s Hospital, Justin went back to His Maker.

The lessons imparted from his birth to his transition are many and some still inexplicable.  My conclusion is that no other experience can match those lessons learnt through the death of a child. Not in this life or the next. I feel Justin came, fulfilled his purpose, did his job and moved on. Destiny intertwined with purpose.

Destiny in my mind is your ultimate call, whereas purpose is your present call.  My belief is that destiny is predetermined by God. The parameters were set by Him before you were born. Purpose, in my opinion, is whatever you are called to do right now, in this very moment.  

I recognize that there is something inside of me and you that has not been unlocked – that must be destiny inside of us that we do not even know about. We often hear the saying “God holds our future (destiny) in His Hands," meaning our destiny is in His Hands waiting to be released or unlocked in His own time.

Purpose is right now. It therefore means that purpose is “temporary," ever changing but always promoting or pre-empting destiny.  What you are doing right now (fulfilling a purpose) may only be for a specific time because God is leading you to your destiny. 

The questions in my mind then, to you and to myself are: "When purpose meets destiny, are you ready?" "Are you leading a purpose-filled life?"

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Have a purpose-filled day!

Clara Brown is a Member of Daughters of Sheba Facebook Group. She is an Insurance Executive and lives and works in Kingston, Jamaica with her family.

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