Monday, 24 November 2014

Celebrate Your Talent: No One Else Might

Celebrate Your Unique Talent is a way of life, however, sometimes we need to just stop and give ourselves a pat on our backs for recognizing what we have been endowed with and make much of it!
When I read this earlier – around 5:00 this morning, I knew which of my talents I would be celebrating.


Might not sound much to some but to me – it has been my greatest cross and asset.

My mother would beat the crap out of me for not listening to her – or so she thought. I heard her. I listened to everything she said. Did I agree or follow her dictates or even example in everything? No. Yet, I listened.

“Education will take you through this world.” Heard it and so got a couple degrees, diplomas and certificates.

“Manners will take you through the world.” Although I questioned this because she said it was education, I was a very polite and “mannersable” child, young lady and adult.

“Yuh caan depen’ pon man!’ This from a woman who lived her life looking for the next man to save her. So I listened to her words more than I followed her example. Today, I can say without fear of contradiction – I have never depended on a man in my life! Never.

Listening to my inner guidance was another matter. This took me many years to learn. It requires quietening the mental chatter, shutting out the opinions of well-meaning people and totally blocking out the “haters” and those who know how to live your life than their own.

I apologize for my disappearance towards the end of last week. I fell ill and was not able to write. My spiritual ears were highly attuned, however, and I heard every word said and not said in support or lack thereof as I retched for a couple days. The spoken words belied the actions and it was the actions that I listened.

Ten pounds lighter, I came to work today even more clear as to my purpose and why no one, not even those I loved dearly, will detract me from my path. I am a listener. It is my unique gift that I today gratefully receive and will continue to use for my personal freedom and that of those who ask for my support .

What about you? What is your unique talent and how do you celebrate it? Share with me here or on our Facebook page.

Have a great rest of the evening.

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