Monday, 21 July 2014

The Lost Art - Hugging

Claudette Esterine
Hugging is a lost art form…or soon to be.

Touching is going out of style as well.

As a “thriver” from childhood sexual abuse, I completely understand why most parents in many parts of our world, are very concerned and train their children not to allow stranger to talk to them much less touch them and worse yet inappropriate touches of persons well known to them.

Have we gone overboard though?

I remember when we first migrated to Canada and as it became apparent that my days of high-ranking office jobs/career were over, we started looking at options. Loving children as I do, childcare was an inviting career choice. That was a brief thought. I had seen enough television and news programmes regarding accusation of molestation and abuse by caregivers of their young wards. So many lives ruined – the children’s and that of the falsely accused (in some cases) caregivers.

By nature, I am a touchy, feely, huggy person. Like the Prime Minister of the country of my birth, Jamaica, I will hug just about anyone – except the person who has p… me off. Visions of me being carted off to prison because I hugged a child a millisecond too long flash through my mind and quickly I turned the classified ads page to customer service – telephone!!!

Today is being observed as Global Hug Your Child Day. My question is – why did we have to have such a day?

Could it be that we have forgotten that there is more to life than giving children the “bling” of life? I teased my daughter that I would be gifting my Kitten a Tablet for her first birthday. She was not amused and I was glad to see that. Yet, our society has advanced so much technologically that soon children will be birthed with inbuilt computers.

While I have no desire for my grandchild to be left behind technologically, hence my promised gift, my desire is greater for her not to be left without a heart, full of love and joy. Such a heart is engendered by hugs, loving touches, expressions of affection and endearments, and consistent reminders that we are here to be social and sociable.

What is your view on this touchy-feely subject?

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